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You must know why you gain weight to succeed in your diet!

These days, I’ve been trying to make plans for my diet, but I’ve been having a hard time with an empty stomach Due to failure or frequent yo-yo phenomenon, people often give up trying to lose weight easily. Today, I’m going to talk about why you gain weight and how to lose weight for those of you who are tired of diet plans. So why do you gain weight?

When you start a diet, you seem to gain weight just by drinking water and planning your diet and exercise, but there are many people who say you gain weight by staying still or because you have a strong appetite. When I go on a diet, I simply lose weight while ignoring snacks and calories I eat. Why do I gain weight? There are a lot of people who think about it. However, we need to check how many calories we have per day in a calm and objective manner. First of all, you need to have a good understanding of your body’s constitution so that you don’t gain weight even if your basic metabolism decreases a little.

I heard that there is a slight difference in weight depending on gender. Usually, women gain weight in their thighs, lower abdomen, body, arms and legs, and men gain weight in their stomachs and body parts. When you gain weight, blood vessels that flow through your body do not circulate well, so you gain weight if waste accumulates in your blood or toxins are not removed well. Especially, if you eat late at night or drink a lot, your blood circulation is not smooth and you gain weight. In this case, it’s hard to burn fat and it’s difficult to lose weight. They say that you need to focus on general aerobic exercise rather than just exercising certain parts.

Women often suffer from anemia due to periods of menstruation or childbirth. If you have anemia, it is difficult to burn fat, so it is easy to gain weight. So it’s important to keep eating iron. There are many cases of postpartum edema and lack of minerals, and during menopause and early periods, women’s hormones become scarce. In consultation with your doctor, you should take iron supplements or plenty of vegetables or algae to make up for the lack of minerals.

From now on, it is also important to watch out for balanced eating habits and overeating or binge eating caused by stress rolls. This is because stress can improve your appetite, so you tend to eat a lot, and you tend to exercise less depending on your condition. It is said that trying not to get stressed out and clearing your body and mind from time to time, such as meditation or listening to music, is also helpful for your diet. Recording the food you ate for a day is one of the good ways.

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