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What is the cause of leg swelling?

What is edema?
Body fluid accumulates in epilepsy in the body’s tissues.
It’s a swelling of the skin swelling of the skin.
It’s a red light from your body when you have health problems.
They say neglecting edema can lead to diseases such as varicose veins.
What is the cause of leg swelling?

The first is
It’s when you’re standing or sitting for a long time.
If you stay in one position for a long time,
Because blood circulation is not smooth.
Blood circulation congestion occurs in the lower body area.

If you wear tight pants.
If you wear too tight pants,
Because it interferes with blood circulation.
May cause edema.
The same goes for high heels!

Too much sodium.
If you eat foods high in sodium,
Because the salinity in the blood increases,
Because it causes thirst.
Due to excessive moisture intake,
will cause edema.

So how do you prevent leg edema?
What are they?

Please refrain from crossing your legs.
The habit of crossing legs for a long time
As blood flow in the thighs decreases,
My calves are getting swollen.
You should be careful because your pelvis may be twisted.

And it’s good to eat foods with potassium.
Potassium-containing food
It releases sodium and prevents edema.
as a representative food
We have spinach, mushroom, seaweed, Tasima, apple, banana, etc.

I usually only wore long skirts because I had severe leg edema.
I think I can wear short skirts and shorts this summer.
Honestly, when I first came here, I couldn’t see any diet equipment or exercise equipment.
I had a big question about how I could lay down and cut myself.
I regret why I had such worries when I was treated by Hwasa Han myself.
I felt like I was wasting time because of other diets I’ve been on.

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