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The cause of obesity is this! Let’s go on a diet right away!

Are there people who gain weight when they don’t eat too much?

Whenever that happens, the desire to lose weight decreases. But you can’t give up easily, can you?

It is said that the cause of obesity is not due to a lack of overeating, binge eating, or exercise. A recent study called the imbalance between gas and toxins in the body has been published. There’s a study that analyzes the ingredients of breathing, so I’d like to introduce you to why it’s easy to become obese.

Recent studies have shown that obesity is not caused by overeating or lack of exercise, but by gas imbalance in the body, which is the real cause of obesity. According to a study of about 800 people, the gas imbalance in the intestines can predict how calories are burned.

In particular, higher levels of methane and hydrogen in the body are found to have higher levels of obesity and more fat in the body than those who do not. Depending on the microbiological conditions in the intestine measured by human breathing, it has been found that people are more likely to develop dopamine.

It is said that when methane-producing ‘disgusting bacteria’ eat up hydrogen produced by other microorganisms in the intestines, the intestinal fermentation is facilitated, and our bodies try to get more nutrients, energy, and calories, which eventually leads to obesity. Depending on the composition of the intestinal bacteria, there is a reason for gaining weight even if you eat less. Also, the effects of hormones in our body can cause obesity.

Hoemon is a chemical that is secreted by the body that circulates in the body, helping and inhibiting other organs and tissues. However, if the imbalance of hormones continues, not only weight gain, but also high blood pressure, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease can occur in the body, so be careful for your health.

It is important to control the hormonal imbalance in order to help my body gain weight.

There’s a lot of information about diet, but there are a lot of people who are worried about which diet to start with. But you can’t follow a diet that doesn’t fit your constitution or someone else’s diet. Diet menu has a lot of information like trend, but it’s important to choose a diet that fits you easily and keep you healthy while dieting is important. Then let’s find out what diets can be harmful to your body when you’re on a diet.

These days, I’m on a diet by drinking detox drinks or fruit, vegetable shake that can reduce the amount of food I eat and maintain my hunger for a long time. It is said that drinking an unconditional detox drink can be harmful to the body. It is said that this method can sometimes harm your health. Rather, eat fresh vegetables and fruits evenly, and limit the intake of refined carbohydrates such as grain bread, oats, and whole grain cereal. Also, it is important to avoid foods with too much sauce or salty stews.

Recently, there is a menu where people eat protein such as whole grains and chicken breasts for dinner and reward food for lunch. This diet can be helpful because it motivates you to lose weight. But it’s good to choose a diet that suits your constitution. In the case of regular lunch, Korean food is eaten, but it is appropriate to reduce the amount of rice, and to eat protein and vegetables such as fish, lean meat, and seafood evenly.

Most of all, you need a diet that you can practice for a long time. Rather than a diet diet to lose weight rapidly in a short period of time, being a slow diet helps you practice a healthy diet. For the dinner menu, choose digestible protein foods and nutritious low-calorie vegetables to plan your dinner menu. If you skip dinner, instead of burning fat, you can burn muscles in your body instead of losing weight, and rather gain weight.That’s because it could happen. Our bodies are inclined to reduce energy use as much as possible and accumulate all possible nutrients in fat, so make sure not to skip dinner.

Eating two boiled eggs a day helps keep your stomach full, and eating apples, yogurt, etc. helps you eat protein and keep your intestines strong. Yogurt should be eaten within 30 minutes after meals to prevent constipation.
It’s effective, and it’s also good to eat nuts and fruits together as toppings.

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