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Let’s check if your diet is going well!

You go to the bathroom often and sweat a lot?!

There’s a period of stagnation after dieting. Whenever that happens, if you don’t lose weight steadily, you lose motivation. However, the symptoms of being on a good diet can be seen as a change in the body constitution. Then let’s find out how dieting is going smoothly in my body. Long-term dieting
If you keep it steady, you’ll go to the bathroom more often than before you started dieting, and if you sweat a lot while exercising, it’s proof that you’re losing weight properly.
Because it means that wastes accumulated in your body through urine and sweat are being discharged into a smooth metabolism, it is important not to forget to drink enough water and keep your metabolism active if you sweat a lot due to increased exercise activity.

The taste of your favorite food is stimulating?!

Before dieting, I started to like spicy, salty, and sweet, but after dieting, if you find the taste of your favorite food too stimulating, your body and appetite have changed positively. Tamed into sweet, salty, and spicy foods are mostly ‘taste poisoning’ and are said to be the addiction of our body, which makes us prefer stimulating flavors. However, after dieting, it reduces the strong irritating taste and improves the addiction of taste to sugar levels and sodium emissions in the body.
It’s a positive effect that your appetite has changed since you went on a diet because it helps you get rid of it.

Your body feels lighter and your movements are smoother?!

Before dieting, I felt pain in my body even if I walked a little bit, or if I exercised a little, my whole body felt sick or sick, but after dieting, my body felt much more relaxed and moving.
If it’s smooth, it’s a positive sign of a diet. This is because as you gain weight, you tend to lose physical strength because of the pressure on your back, knees, ankles, etc., which are the areas under load, causing pain. However, the fact that fat decreases after dieting and the body starts to gain weight, and the movement becomes smooth due to increased exercise and activity, also proves that you are losing weight well.

Your usual clothes suddenly got bigger?!

When you’re on a diet, other people say you’ve lost a lot of weight, but when you don’t feel it yourself, you can feel that you’re wearing what you usually wear before dieting. This phenomenon is said to be a positive change in diet. Because this change is due to reduced fat in the body and increased muscle mass, the reason why people feel that weight has not decreased during the stagnant phase of the diet is because of the relatively increased muscle mass.

The ability to perform exercise has increased?!

The movements and exercises that used to be difficult even if you ran or moved a little before dieting are now said to be easier to exercise as your performance improves. This change is due to the reduction of the area occupied by the provinces, which has expanded the range of exercise and activity. For example, it was hard to wash your back or tie your shoelaces in the shower.
It’s a positive change in dieting that you can do this naturally.

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