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Is there any easy way to lose weight?

The diet everyone dreamed of

Everyone knows that dieting is not an easy task. Even if you find an easy way, the answer will not come out, and even if you lose weight every time, the only thing that comes back is yo-yo. . . Why on earth do these phenomena appear? We must find a diet method that works for us

Let’s improve our eating habits first

First, I’ll tell you about a diet that can help you lose belly fat even if you improve your eating habits a little. The first is to refrain from broth foods. The broth contains a lot of sodium, so pour it easily, and if you get into the habit of frequently eating broth foods, it accumulates as body fat. The second is to reduce the amount of flour foods. Flour is a stagnant carbohydrate that rapidly increases blood sugar and is easily converted to body fat. Vegetables, milk, tomatoes, eggs, etc. that help sodium excretion It is good to make up for the nutrients that the flour lacks

Thirdly, you should eat fruits properly. Fruits have more sugar than expected, so they are converted into fat in the body and stored. Recommended fruit intake per day is 50KCAL~100KCAL. Fruits with low sugar content include tomatoes and berries. Fourth, dietary fiber should be consumed frequently. Dietary fiber promotes movement of the large intestine, activates bowel movements, and prevents the absorption of cholesterol, so it can give you a feeling of satiety for a long time.

Are carbohydrates the enemy of your diet?

It is essential for women to consume a certain amount of carbohydrates per day. By ingesting good carbohydrates in our body, it keeps a feeling of fullness for a long time and helps diet and health.

When you eat food that gains weight, you gain weight immediately?

Calorie Necessary When consumed more than 3500KCAL, it is said to increase by about 0.45. Why do I gain weight after eating less than calories? It’s not about calories, it’s about moisture.

Are low-fat and fat-free foods good for your health?

It delivers various vitamins to the fat and fat that are essential to our body. So it makes no sense to not eat any fat when you lose weight. It is a bad way to harm your health.

If you drink a lot of water, you lose weight?

Drinking a lot of water doesn’t make you lose weight, but it will help your skin and health a little. Also, drinking too much water is not recommended. Because it can lower your body temperature, it can cause adverse effects due to a decrease in body temperature.

How to suppress appetite

The appetite that you just want to eat is hungry and you think of food. In this case, it’s not a real appetite, but stress or a fake appetite that appears habitually. A fake appetite can cause overeating and obesity. What are there? The first is to brush your teeth. If you are not hungry, but if your mouth is bored, you can see the effect of suppressing your appetite. This is because the refreshing and cheap toothpaste removes your appetite. In addition to brushing your teeth, eating sour foods like lemon also suppresses your appetite. You can see the way you can

Second, I often see the blue color. Have you seen the case where the interior of the restaurant is blue? There will be almost no reason because the blue color is the color that depresses the appetite. One of the ways to suppress the appetite is to put a blue table, photos, and pictures around it. The third is black coffee consumption. Because caffeine is effective in suppressing appetite and promoting metabolism, it also helps in weight loss. However, caffeine increases blood pressure and heart rate, so please refrain from those with heart disease or caffeine side effects.

The fourth is to warm the body. When the body is cold, the energy supply is not smooth, so the body wants food. It is helpful to suppress appetite by keeping the body warm and circulating blood smoothly through footbath and half-appetite. The fifth is to drink a lot of water or tea. If you drink water or tea frequently, you can control your appetite because it can give the body a feeling of fullness as well as the effect of removing waste products. Let’s get into the habit of drinking water or tea often

So what’s an easy diet?

There is a healthy diet method without yo-yo. It was found on the body temperature diet. If you raise the dropped body temperature and maintain a normal body temperature of 36.5 degrees, the basal metabolism increases and a healthy diet without yo-yo is possible. The advantage of maintaining a normal body temperature is Basic metabolism increase, skin improvement, calorie fat decomposition, body toxin waste removal, immunity increase, blood circulation promotion, capillary vessel expansion, autonomic nerve control, joint pain relief, blood flow increase, blood purification improvement. It has an excellent effect on removing fat and cellulite. You can see the effect of one stone and three steps from weight loss, body line, and health by holding the body line beautifully, not just where you lose weight.

Cellulite, the biggest problem

It’s true that cellulite makes the skin uneven in appearance, so it’s true that it’s unpleasant to look at. It is also the main cause of obesity, so it requires intensive management. Although we try, cellulite is often left as it is. The cause of cellulite is not simply the accumulation of fat, but the reason that cellulite occurs due to a problem of blood circulation as the body temperature decreases. May fly, so be careful

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