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Diet to eliminate poop belly

With cellulite

The biggest troubled poop belly

Even if I keep this, my poop stomach falls out

Slim waistline expression

I’m going to talk about 5 things

Breaking the soup

In soup food

Because it contains a lot of sodium

It can be boolean easily, and when repeated, this is the body fat

Easy to stack

Choose broth foods with as low calories as possible

It is recommended to consume mainly in dry heat.

Reduce flour food

Flour is a stagnant carbohydrate that reduces blood sugar.

Sharply increase

In case of excess, it is converted to body fat.

Help with sodium excretion

Green-yellow vegetables, tomatoes, and milk

Served with eggs

It is good to make up for the nutrients lacking in flour.

Fruit in moderation

Fruit has more sugar than you think

And from the body to fat

Will be changed and saved

500~100kcal of fruit per day


Relatively low sugar content

It is recommended to eat berries like fruit

Dietary Fiber

Dietary fiber promotes movement in the large intestine

It activates the bowel movement and increases the desire to stool.

Prevents constipation, prevents cholesterol absorption,

Keeps you feeling full for a long time

Not eating roughly

If you eat roughly, compared to other nutrients

Only increase carbohydrate intake

It causes nutritional imbalance and is easy to accumulate body fat.

Reducing the amount of rice in half than usual

Effective for removing poop belly

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